Did you know that the word affiliate origins from the Latin word affiliatus and it means adopt as a son? Sounds strange? Well, let’s think about it – how can you sell anything without knowing it and loving it? Those of you, working in sales teams, know how hard it is to be convincing, if you are not convinced for yourself that what you offer is really good.

Yet, we understand that the sole power of conviction is not quite enough to become a successful affiliate with a lot of sales.  Another key-prerequisite to turn your website into a money making machine is that it serves your visitors ‘needs. Here is a great piece of news you are probably already aware of: there is a high-demand for both – secure and managed web hosting!

Why do we believe that TMDHosting is a value added product of a great demand mutually beneficial for you and your referrals?  In fact, we not only believe it, we know it for sure.

A team of professionals

At TMDHosting you can find all kind of people – always avid for more – readers, true gamers (yes, we share your love for Grand Theft Auto V), impressionable photographers, pro snowboarders …but what brings us all together, is the years of experience in web hosting.  If you are one of our happy customers, you already know this.

The in-house survey that we made for this post, show that the minimum average amount of time each of us has spent in the sphere of web hosting is 4.5 years.  For 7 years now we are online 24/7 to help you at any moment, sharing bits of information we have carefully stored in our brains and our knowledge base. We do also have a very good amount of people that are in the industry since its very dawn.

We offer you and your referrals a great value product

 What we stand out for is simple but worthy:

– Speed – sites we host do load fast – less than 1.80 seconds is our average loading time.

– Safety – we create full account backups each day.

– Security – we have system administrators that monitor our servers 24/7. This, in addition to all the hardware firewalls we have. This, in addition to the most innovative web firewall (based on mod_security) with daily updated rules.

– FREE technical support – That’s right, we don’t charge you when you need help. Our techs are friendly, professional and available 24/7 on your disposal. No matter what day it is, if it is Christmas, Thanksgiving or so. We strive to guarantee 15 minutes ticket responses.

– We improve constantly – only in the past year we have:

  • Performed 3 hardware upgrades to stay cutting-edge with the latest Intel Processor architectures
  • Introduced a new SSD storage engine, which is many, many times faster than the wide-used technology.
  • Doubled the account’s dedicated resources per customer on our shared servers infrastructure. We’ll prepare a full-year report with more detailed information and statistics as some upgrades are still to come until the end of 2013.

Our customers speak out:

“I came to TMD hosting on a whim, as i was looking for a compatible hosting company to house my social network. I am not as experienced as some … I constantly make errors on the FTP and there you have it, TMD cleans up my mess. They are more than my hosting company, they really are our tech support team and I’m glad to have found them

(via: http://www.whoishostingthis.com/hosting-reviews/tmdhosting/#ixzz2filAsORN) 

“In the past 14 years I have used hosting services from several big companies…But with Tmd server hosting I have a complete managed server package that rocks everything. I am using this service now for more than 2 years and I hope to use their service for many many years from now on.” 

(via: http://www.webhostingstuff.com/review/TMDHosting.html)

“I don’t usually write reviews but felt compelled to after a spell of fantastic support from Tmd. I had an issue over the weekend. Actually, it was a Sunday and they solved it within an hour. And then, I had another (self inflicted) issue today, which was solved superbly in less than 15 minutes. It seems that there’s always somebody around to help me, whenever I need it. Well done guys…

These are just random excerpts from our happy customers and none of them is written by us, we promise (we have more important things to deal with in our day-to-day work).

Is this already the moment to share some love with your friends and visitors? If you say ‘YES’, we are happy to let you know that this is going to be one of the rare moments in your life when love and money go together.