As of today, a brand new product was added to our hosting portfolio. We have officially launched our VPS (Virtual Private Server) line, which consists of three pre-built models and one that allows you to build your own private server.

Considering this, we feel that it is the right time to put a slight verge between the products in our portfolio up to now, so we can help you, our Customer, to pick up more accurately the one that is most convenient for your particular needs.

Currently, we are offering four major types of hosting — Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Servers Hosting and Dedicated Servers Hosting. At a first glance, they all seem to be providing hosting environment. Though, this of course true fact is the only one that they have in common, if you take a closer look:

Shared hosting service is the type that is mostly wide associated with the term hosting. In fact, it is “the hosting” service that 70% (stats as of 2009 Q1) of the websites in the Internet are using. Its major pros are the low price/features ratio and the wide variety of applications compatible with it. Its major cons are the lack of support for audio/video streaming, the lack of flexibility and the inability to throttle the CPU of the server for your own needs only due to the fact that  it is shared with other websites. This is a type of service, which is suitable for small and mid-sized personal/community/e-commerce websites, which do not have large auditory yet and do not expect huge growth soon. It can be described best as a starter plan.

Reseller hosting service was originally invented to service the needs of small companies, which would like to start selling hosting. It still serves these needs, however with the market’s rapid growth during the the last few years this service changed its users. It morphed out in something that proved to successfully suit the needs of people and companies, which are actively designing websites and, along with that are offering hosting to their customers. On the side of the pros, here we have full flexibility in terms of hosting account parameters that a reseller can set, one-click view and access tools to the resources that they are using/control panels/etc, and of course,  the outsourced to the original hosting company technical support and system administration tasks. On the cons bench, the issues with the shared hosting plans still apply. The best description that can be given for the reseller plan is an affordable and convenient way to take control over a bunch of shared hosting accounts with parameters of your preference.

Virtual Private Servers hosting by definition does not predispose larger space, bandwidth or whatsoever quota than the other services listed above. The VPS wins its users with flexibility rather than raw features list. On a Virtual Private Server, which is in fact a server-in-the-server itself, you can assign resources right where you need them most. You can adjust configurations, request modifications of vital software (such as web/database/name server/etc), which shared/reseller plan will not allow due to “the omnidirectional environment” rule (which stands of building an environment, which satisfies everyone using the server) will be broken. The only disadvantage of the Virtual Private Server is that it is not a physical, but a virtual environment. Still, it is excellent for building your own custom environment at a reasonable cost.

Dedicated Servers hosting is an universal service, which in the same time can utilize all the aforementioned features. Consider it an environment, such as the shared, but combined with the power to control accounts like the reseller one. Add the great flexibility of the Virtual Private Servers and put the limit of resources you can use sky-high. The only disadvantage a dedicated server has is the relatively high price, if not used for profitable project. Otherwise, you get all the technical freedom you have ever been looking for once you put your website up on a dedicated server. No matter how crowded it is, how big its database is or how many videos you stream per second — there is always a dedicated server to handle them all. It is a solution, which is professionally aimed to business websites, large e-commerce websites, large community forums and absolutely every type of websites that can be described as large, resource consuming and requires flexibility in all terms.

If you need professional assistance to choose the right hosting plan for you our experienced representatives are 24/7 available to you on our live chat.

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