Web hosting resellers are more than customers for a web hosting company. We, at TMDHosting, prefer to call them partners due to the fact that they actually contribute to our company by extending their own business. Thus, we created a WHM reseller hosting package that provides as much as possible control to the resellers over their accounts without actually limiting the available features. The mile stone in this outstanding service model is the Web hosting manager tool that is included in the Reseller hosting package.

The Reseller cPanel/WHM or the Web Host Manager is an administrative interface providing you with all the features and functionality required to create, modify and fully manage your customers’ accounts. Furthermore, it allows you to edit (or create a new one) hosting plans, language and cPanel themes as well as some specific cPanel features such as branding and remote access key for automatic account creation scripts.

It is important to mention that the WHM reseller hosting plan is quite different than the reseller package most hosting companies offers. Instead of providing the reseller with a number of hosting accounts or credits for account activation, the WHM reseller plan actually provides a certain part of the server resources which can be divided as the reseller finds it suitable. This is one of the most important advantages of the WHM reseller hosting plan as it actually allows you to host unlimited number of domains and accounts. In other words, you can create your own hosting packages with different features, themes and branding as well as full control over the DNS zone configuration of your customers’ domains.

This flexibility provides you with the options to create your own hosting plans and expand your business or better meet your customers’ needs and demands of service and features. Using the WHM reseller for example, you may create fully featured Mail hosting for your customers by setting up a hosting plan which supports only mail functionality of your standard plan. Additionally, you may decide to sell different addons or upgrades such as Addon slots or additional space and mysql databases which you can easily limit per user base or modify upon an upgrade order.

To sum up, the functionality and usability of the WHM reseller control panel extend your business opportunities and flexibility by providing you with better monitoring and configuration tools and saves you a lot of maintenance time which you can use for developing and improving your business.

For more information on how to administrate your customers’ accounts and operate with the Web hosting manager you can check our great text and video tutorials.

Our WHM Reseller hosting plans provides up to 90 Gb Disk Storage and 800 Gb Bandwidth. Additionally, your customers can take advantage of the free easy-to-use SiteBuilder with more than 1500 integrated flash templates. Additionally, a free domain registration and Fantastico are included in the package. For more information regarding our WHM reseller plans you may review our reseller hosting plans.

If you need professional assistance to decide which reseller package will be best for your needs you can always contact our representatives via the live chat and they will be more than glad to provide you with additional information.

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