WordPress teams are pushing really hard and the next stable version of WordPress 3.9 is almost ready for it’s release. Just one week after the first beta of 3.9 has been released we are surprised again with the second beta of WordPress 3.9.
Here are some of the changes since Beta 1:

  • Rendering of embedded audio and video players directly in the visual editor.
  • Visual and functional improvements to the editor, the media manager, and theme installer.
  • Various bug fixes to TinyMCE, the software behind the visual editor.
  • Lots of fixes to widget management in the theme customizer.

For the full log of recent changes you can check the following link: http://tmdh.co/AvOub

Please, be aware that this is just a beta release and it is not recommended to be used on production websites.

To download the new WordPress 3.9 Beta 2 click HERE.