The new version of WordPress is has been released. It’s numerical value is 3.9 and it is called “Smith” in honor of the great Jazz musician Jimmy Smith and can be downloaded or directly upgraded from your WordPress dashboard.

Here are some of the long waited new features of WordPress 3.9 Smith:

Improved visual editing
The new  updated WYSIWYG editor has been greatly improved in terms of speed, accessibility and most importantly it is no mobile friendly. The copy/paste from pre-formated documents as MS Word has never been easier and the usual messy pre-formated code is now in past.


Easy image editing
The image editing has been also improved. Now the image editing can be performed directly inside the editor with quick access to the crop and rotation tools. You can even re-size your images directly inside your editor for quick results.


Drag and drop image uploads
Uploading your images is easier than ever. Just grab them from your desktop and drop them in the editor.


Gallery previews
Now your galleries can be previewed inside your editor before you publish your post.


Audio and video playlist new feature
New audio and video playlist feature has been added, so all of you music/video enthusiasts can showcase your music files and clips.


Live widget and header previews
You can now add,edit, and rearrange your widgets directly in your theme customizer. The improved header image tool also lets you upload, crop, and manage headers while customizing your theme.


New theme browser
It has never been easier to pick the right WordPress theme for your website.  With the new theme browser you will find yourself surrounded by the endless list of free WordPress themes.

There are even more new features as:

 oEmbed Support
With this feature you can easily embed content from imgur and Meetup


Additional HTML5 support
Galleries and captions will now support HTML5.


Updated libraries
Here is a list of the updated libraries in WordPress 3.9

  • TinyMCE 4.0
  • Masonry 3.0
  • Backbone 1.1.2
  • Underscore 1.6
  • PHPMailer 5.2.7
  • Plupload 2.1.1
  • jQuery 1.11.0
  • Query UI 1.10.4
  • MediaElement 2.14

For more information you can check the official WordPress 3.9. announcement page at the following url: