We all know how complicated and time consuming process might be a migration of a website from one place to another. You have to think for the correct directory structure, database settings and so on and everything should be properly set. Today we bring to your attention one of the easiest way to migrate your WordPress blog or website by using the All in One WP Migration plug-in, which is part of our WordPress Emerging plug-ins list.

This handy tool allows you to export your database, media files, plug-ins and themes with just a few clicks. To get started with it you will have to perform the following:

  1. Download it from its official repository here.
  2. Save the file on your Desktop
  3. Log-in to your website as administrator and navigate to Dashboard -> Plug-ins -> Add new
  4. Click on the ‘Upload’ tab and hit the ‘Choose file’ button
  5. Select your newly downloaded plug-in zip file and upload it
  6. Finally, click on ‘Activate’ to activate the plug-in

After the successful activation you will notice new ‘Site Migration’ button in your Dashboard. When you click on it you will get two available options: Export and Import. If you want to export the current content of your website simply click on the Export button and fill the necessary fields with the requested data. For example you may enter a new domain name (if you want to migrate your website to another domain) and the plug-in will do the rest for you, it will automatically change all entries of your database with the new domain and you will download a zip file, which contains the exported data.

After that you will have to install the plug-in again on the new WordPress website and click on the Import button, so you can import the archive and get all content loaded on the new website.


  • Multisite compatible: the plug-in is fully compatible with WordPress multisite, so you can use it to migrate your network (note that it is available only to the network admin dashboard)
  • Low memory usage: the plug-in handles archiving of files by using 2048 bytes of chunk and due to this fact it has extremely low memory usage
  • Compatible with all major PHP versions
  • Support for MySQL, PDO, MySQLi
  • WordPress 3+ compatible (up to 3.8.1)

The All in One WP Migration plug-in is currently under active development and according to its developers many more new features will be added to the upcoming versions, which means that it has all changes to become #1 solution when you have to migrate your WordPress based website with just a few clicks of the mouse. Go ahead and give it a try today.