If you need a simple and effective solution to easily exclude different pages and/or posts from the WordPress adminstration post/pages listing, then you will definitely want to try this little plug-in, which does exactly this: Tailored Easy Exclude.

In order to install it to your WordPress website or blog, first you will have to download it from its official website here. After that navigate to the back-end of your WordPress Admin Area  -> Plugins -> Add New and simply follow the on-screen instructions to upload and activate the plug-in. Once this is done the plug-in control panel will appear in your admin area and you will be able to configure it and use it further.

Once installed and activated the plug-in allows you to exclude posts or pages via its configuration options available in the back-end of your website. When you navigate to that page you will notice that you have a few different tabs with settings through which you can configure the plug-in exactly the way you need and select the pages or posts that you want to exclude.

Also, have in mind that you can exclude pages or posts via user role, so the publications can be excluded based on their authors (adiministrators, regular users, editors and so on). For example you define exclude for a page with log-in form added as shortcode.

This is ectremely useful plug-in when you have a lot publications and pages on your WordPress website and you need simple filtering solution, so you can save time when browsing to find the exact page/post that needs editing. You can exclude the pages or posts that does not need editing and are permanently published and you can leave only the dynamic pages/posts, which content has to be regularly updated.