This plug-in utilizes the DOMPDF library to provide a simple endpoint that generates a downloadable PDF file. The endpoint is yourdomain.com/sample-post/pdf/. Once you access this when the plug-in is installed it will automatically generate a PDF file of that post, which can be downloaded or printed immediately.

This is useful solution when you have a lot of downloadable content on your website and you want to offer your visitors such functionality.

In order to use the plug-in you will have to download it first via its official page available here.  After that navigate to the back-end of your WordPress Admin Area  -> Plugins -> Add New and simply follow the on-screen instructions to upload and activate the plug-in. Once this is done the plug-in control panel will appear in your admin area and you will be able to configure it and use it further.

The PDF output can be easily configured via the back-end of the plug-in available in your Admin area and by manually editing its files. Also, if you check its documentation you will get familiar with the creation of your own PDF templates that you can later use in your website.

The plug-in is actively developed and many more new features which will extend its functionality will be added soon.