Hello everyone! Today we are going to speak yet again for another Emerging plugin for WordPress. But the plugin for which we are going to speak today differs from the previous discussed, as this plugin is all about STYLE! The name of the plugin is “Admin Color Schemes”.

This plugin is going to provide you with the additional 8 color schemes with which you can customize the admin area of your website. You know what people say: “If you are going to do something, better do it with style” or at least some of my friends do. So if you are a person which want to tweak the things a little bit, this plugin is just for you.

The installation of the plugin is standard:

1. Download the plugin from here.

 2. Upload the plugin via your Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New.

3.  Activate the plugin.

4. After that the new color schemes will be available via your Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile.

Actually I am not a person which care so much about the looks, but after installing the plugin I just fallen in love with some of the color schemes, especially with “80’s kids”. So lets see how looks the Dashboard after selecting some of the color schemes:


In conclusion: Is nice, is it not. Something refreshing for your Dashboard, colors which you have not seen before! So folks, for you which like the colorful things, this plugin is something you should not miss!