We have another great wordpress plugin which we would like to review for you today. The plugin is called “Aesop Story Engine”. It is a Suite of components that enables the creation of interactive storytelling themes for WordPress. Probably this does not make much sense to you? Nothing to worry about, as has been said “A picture is worth a thousand words”, well in our case is actually a video, which you can check here. At the end of the video you will understand what actually this plugin does and what it is capable of.

screenshot-1 (2)

The Aesop Story Engine is a suite of open-sourced tools and components that empower developers and writers to build feature-rich, interactive, long-form storytelling themes for WordPress. At the heart of ASE are the suite of storytelling components, which are created on the fly while crafting posts within WordPress. Utilizing these components, writers can can take their work to the next level, and developers can utilize the core storytelling engine to build feature-rich, visually compelling WordPress themes. Here’s a demo theme incorporating these story components.

screenshot-2 (2)

Theme Implementation

It’s important to know that the plugin only produces very basic CSS for the components. The theme is responsible for making the components appear different ways. For this reason, the Timeline and Chapter components may not function as intended. Refer to your themes documentation to see if it fully supports Aesop.

Theme authors and developers will find documentation covering everything from the markup that is generated, to actions, filters, and instructions for full Aesop integration.


Full documentation can also be found from the above link.

Perhaps the question which you are asking yourself at the moment is “Where can I find themes for Aesop?” Well that is something on which it is working at the moment. The plugin just came out of beta.

For a conclusion we can say that Aesop is great for anyone looking to create media rich, long-form content within your WordPress site. Break your story down into chapters and sections using simple shortcodes.