Have you ever wanted to add interactive charts and maps into your WordPress posts? If the answer to this is yes, we would like to show you the amCharts WordPress plugin! Using amCharts libraries, you can easily insert your charts and maps into your posts.

What is unique about this plugin is that it allows code editing directly in WordPress admin as well as inserting the charts into posts or pages using shortcodes. Notice however that this is not a fully fledged  chart and map editor, it is simply designed to get your charts and maps code inserted into WordPress.  A big plus of this plugin is that you don’t need to insert any javascript libraries to generate the charts. Instead the plugin will include only the libraries needed to render your chart!

The plugin has also multiple helpful functions:

  • Easy switching between CDN-hosted or local chart/map libraries storage
  • Setting defaults per chart type
  • Automatically locating installed libraries and available resources


The installation of the plugin is quite standard – simply search for it within your Wordpres DashBoard -> Plugins and install it.

Once you have installed the plugin you can easily add your Javascript code to generate your map. After that select the type of chart that you wish to use and save it. In the list of charts you will have the shortcode required to insert the specific chart in your post.

Javascript code and Chart Selection:


amChart example:



We highly encourage you to visit the plugin page and give that plugin a try! If you are a TMDHosting customer and need assistance with the setup of the plugin, you can always count on the TMDHosting Genius Support team!