If you are looking for an effective solution to build a new Q&A website or you want to extend the functionality of your existing one by allowing your visitors to discuss some topics and to get answers to important questions, then you definitely should try the AnsPress WordPress plug-in. It is part of our WordPress Emerging Plug-ins list and it has all features that you will ever need from such complex commenting system.

The plug-in is ideal solution when you want to engage the visitors of your website and to allow them the freedom to ask, discuss and comment different topics. With that you will build your online community fast and your website will be more trusted. Also, you can use the plug-in on a brand new WP website and build that website on it by using all great features that the plug-in can offer.

In order to use the plug-in on your website first you will have to download it and install it. You can do that by taking the following steps:

  1. Download it from its official repository here.
  2. Save the file on your Desktop
  3. Log-in to your website as administrator and navigate to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add new
  4. Click on the ‘Upload’ tab and hit the ‘Choose file’ button
  5. Select your newly downloaded plug-in zip file and upload it
  6. Finally, click on ‘Activate’ to activate the plug-in

Despite of the fact that the plug-in is still in development mode, here we will list some of its great features that comes by default once you install it:

  • Point & Theme system
  • QuestionAnswer flagging
  • Question/Answer editing
  • Question/Answer voting
  • Different user roles

After the installation process you may navigate to Dashboard -> Settings -> AnsPress Options and configure the plug-in from there. You will be able to choose different pages for the Ask and Edit pages, on which your visitors will ask questions and edit them. Also, you may allow your users to submit more than one answer to a single question and this way you will encourage them to comment on the website often.

Furthermore, you can override the default theme used by the plug-in with a few simple steps. Thanks to that you can even create a new theme that can fit better on the overall design of your existing website. The plug-in has tons of other features such as points system for answering each question, rating system to all questions and answers, text highlighter and so on.

In conclusion our advise it to download and install this plug-in, because it has all the features you may want from such plug-in, plus the fact that it is under active development and tons of new features will be added very soon. Basically it is an ideal starting solution when you need to create Q&A website.