Today we would like to share with you another great WordPress plugin. It is called “Better Admin Poiners” and it can be downloaded and reviewed from here. This plugin will allow creation of admin pointers on any screen in the WordPress admin area. It creates a custom post type called Pointers to store information. You need to add the following info to make it work:

  • Title – the part in the blue title bar
  • Main content area
  • Pointer id – A unique id so that it can be tracked in the WP DB as dismissed
  • Screen – What page/screen it should appear on
  • Target – CSS id or class we want the pointer to attach to on the screen above
  • Position Edge – Which edge should be adjacent to the target? (left, right, top, or bottom)
  • Position Align – How should the pointer be aligned on this edge, relative to the target? (top, bottom, left, right, or middle)

screenshot-1 (1)screenshot-2 (1)


If you are one of the lazy types, there is a tool which you can use to identify admin screens. You can go to BAP Options page and check the box for “Show Current Screen”. A small header on every page will identify your admin screen. If your pointer is slightly misaligned, you can use the last 2 fields (Nudge Horizontal and Vertical) to reposition to fix that.

The installation can be performed in one of the following ways:

  • Search for it in your WordPress Admin (Plugins/Add New/Search) area and install from there
  • Download the zip file from the official link above and then go to Plugins/Add New/Upload and then upload and activate it.
  • Upload the folder “better-admin-pointers” to “/wp-content/plugins/”, then activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress

Before using this plugin it is best to check the FAQ here.