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Chapter 1: Introduction.

Whenever we are using a certain script for the development of our websites, there is a point where we may need some extra functionality on it. If the feature we are looking for is not part of the default package, the best way to resolve that is to search for a plugin that can provide what we need.

In WordPress, there is no option for enabling of maintenance mode or coming soon page. However, here we are to provide an alternative to that for you. There is a new, emerging plugin designed especially for that purpose and it is called “Coming Soon”. There is a free version of the plugin that, according to it’s development team, has the following features:

  • Works with any WordPress theme.
  • Responsive.
  • Customize the Look and Feel.
  • Easily add Custom CSS and HTML.
  • Uses HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Translation Ready, i18n Support.
  • Multisite Support.
  • BuddyPress Support.
  • Uses WordPress Best Practises

All those are indeed covered and this is a beautifully designed piece of software that can do the job right!

Chapter 2: Install the Plugin.


The installation of the plugin is a standard procedure, the same as the installation of almost every WordPress plugin.

  • Download the plugin here:
  • Log into the admin area of your WordPress website.
  • Click on Plugins > Add New.
  • Select the Upload tab and upload your plugin.
  • Click on Plugin > Installed Plugins.
  • Locate the Coming Soon plugin and Activate it.


Chapter 3: Enable Coming Soon Mode.

Once your “Coming Soon” plugin is installed and activated on your website, you will be able to access and use it instantly. For that purpose, simply log into your website as administrator and navigate to the Settings tab from the main menu and then “Coming Soon”. You need to change the status of the plugin to the “Enable Coming Soon Mode” option. Then simply hit the “Save All Changes” button to enable the coming soon mode.



You also have the ability to edit some additional options, which will make the use of the plugin even better:

  • Page Settings: Enter the logo, headline and the message for your coming soon page.
  • Header: Set the favicon, SEO Title and Description, Google Analytics code.7

Once you hit the “Save All Changes” button, you will still be able to review the website’s front-end normally, as you are logged in. However, if you log out of your account, you will see the exact message you have set in the “Page Settings” fields.


Chapter 4: Enable Maintenance Mode.

Access the Coming Soon option from the Settings menu again and change the status of the plugin to the “Enable Maintenance Mode” option. Hit the “Save All Chnages” button to enable it on your website.



You need to edit the “Page Settings” and “Header” accordingly for your maintenance mode preferences. When ready, hit the “Save All Changes” button again to update the information. Log out of your account and you will see the exact message that you have set within the “Page Settings” field.


Chapter 5: Useful resources.

Coming Soon official website:

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TMDHosting WordPress package:

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