Imagine that you can share all of the music you like with all of the visitors of your website with few simple clicks. This is now possible for all of the WordPress users with the magnificent WordPress plugin Cue.

Cue provides you with the option to easily create stylish playlists and display them on your website either on specific page or post using the shortcode generated after the creation of each playlist or to add the playlist to your sidebars as entirely separated widget.

The Cue capabilities also allows you to include the playlist you create directly in the template you are using on whatever location you would like the concrete playlist displayed.

How to start with Cue?

In order to install the plugin you should either use the downloadable archive at http://wordpress.org/plugins/cue/ or you can directly install the plugin from your wp-admin -> Plugins -> Add New page where you can simply search for the plugin using the search box provided by WordPress.

Once you have installed the plugin you will notice that a new menu item will appear in your wp-admin area.


The menu  item is called “Playlists” and there is the place where you can entirely manage your playlists.

How can you create a playlist?

In order to create a playlist please navigate to your wp-admin area -> Playlists -> Add new. Then you should enter the tittle of the playlist and of course add the songs either from URL or directly by uploading them.


How should you display the playlists?

As we have mentioned earlier in this post the plugin provides few ways of displaying the created playlists.

  • Using the shortcode generated with the creation of a playlist – Once you create a playlist you will probably notice that bellow the Publish block containing the publishing options for your playlist there is an additional block called “Shortcode”  and there you will find the shortcode you can use.2014-03-14_2103
    The shortcode can be added to whenever you would like to – Pages posts or any other elements that supports shortcodes on your website.
  • Using the provided widgetAs we all know in order to add content to the sidebars of you blog you need to use widgets. Thus if you navigate to your wp-admin area -> Appearance -> Widgets you will find the newly added widget called “Playlist”.2014-03-14_2106Once you locate the widget please drag-and-drop it to the sidebar you would like the widget displayed and it will be if you refresh any page where the sidebar is displayed on.
  • Using the provided code directly in the code of your template – The authors of the module are providing the following code for the development familiar users which can be used directly into the template of your website:<?php cue_playlist( $id ); ?>Please keep in mind that the $id variable should be replaced with the id of your actual playlist which you can take from the shortcode generated after the creation of the playlist.

Here are some of the examples we have been able to create in just few minutes:

2014-03-14_2112 2014-03-14_2112_001