Full Background Manager

Looking to add some additional flavor into your WordPress pages? With the “Full Background Manager” plugin you will be able to add custom, contextual background images to all of your pages, which will enable you to add that extra bit of customization, without a total revamp of the entire blog layout!

The plugin is extremely simple to install and use and is pretty much plug-n-play. When you install and activate it you will be given access to a new meta field located underneath the Page Editor, where you could manage and set your background images; you can also select images you have already uploaded via the media manager.

The fastest way to download and install this is:

  • Navigate to your WordPress’ administration area
  • Go to the Plugins > “Add New” menu
  • Search for “Full Background Manager”
  • Click on “Install Now” underneath the first result
  • That’s it!

Once that is done activate the plugin and you can start customizing out of the box! Edit your previous pages, add new ones – go wild with it!

Here’s a short guide on how to use it:

  • Edit an existing page or add a new one:

Add a new post (full background manager)

  • Click on “Choose Image” on the lower part of the page
  • Either upload the image or select one already uploaded
  • Click “Insert into post”
  • Enjoy the finished result:

full background image final