Hello everyone! Today we are going to say some words about a plugin which is trying to provide the same experience with WordPress as if you are using Ghost. The name of the plugin which we are going to discuss is “Gust”. You can read more about the plugin and download it from here.

So I guess that all of you must be heard for Ghost, the new blogging platform which is just going to blow your mind. Indeed Ghost is really nice blogging platform with really clean design. But the most impressing thing about the platform is that, how easy it is to edit your posts and pages. And thanks to the Gust plugin we can have the same nice experience when editing our post and pages with WordPress.

The Gust plugin will provide you with exactly the following functionality:

1. Interface for your dashboard almost the same as of Ghost.

2. Markdown editing of your Posts and Pages.

3. The option to tag your Posts.

4. Media upload integration.

But I guess that some of you are wondering how exactly will look like the new dashboard interface, so for them is the following picture:


 Now after you have saw how it will look, I guess you are feeling the urge to install and enable the plugin. So lets do it: 

1. Download the plugin from here.

2. Upload the plugin via your Dashboard -> Plugins and click activate.

3. Update the permalink structure for your website to Post Name.

4. Access the new admin interface via yourdomain.com/gust

We have followed the steps and now we can enjoy fully the new admin interface experience. It was so easy, was it not?

In conclusion: Nice and simple! The Gust plugin is indeed something new that can take your WordPress experience to the new level. So do not be shy, try it!