Everyone should know the tale of Hansel and Gretel in which the two main characters leaves a trail of bread crumbs through their journey to follow home. This is basically the main purpose of the “Breadcrubms trail” feature:

  • It provides information to users as to where they are located within the site
  • It offers shortcut links for users to “jump” to previously viewed pages without using the Back button, or other navigation bars, or typing in a keyword search.

Though there are hundreds of different breadcrumbs plugins our today’s plugin of choice is a bit more special. It adds a breadcrumb trail to your WordPress blog’s primary navigation menu. This helpful feature not only makes it easier for your website visitors to navigate your website, but also allows search engines to better index your site and include the breadcrumb information in rich snippet data in search results.

Here are some of it’s features:

  • Works with both custom primary menus and the default ‘page’ menu generated by WordPress;
  • Produces RDFa-compliant breadcrumb trails that may be used by Google and others in search results;
  • Supports customization of the breadcrumb titles for pages such as the front page, archives, and search;
  • Re-uses existing top-level entries in the primary menu to avoid repeated links;
  • Includes CSS classes for added breadcrumbs for optional further styling if desired;
  • Use the built-in breadcrumb generator, or third-party generators;
  • Supports HTML markup in post titles, with the option to disable it;
  • “Manual” mode allows insertion into templates for themes that do not use the WordPress primary navigation menu;
  • A widget is available if you would prefer to show the breadcrumb trail in a sidebar.

Here are the installation instructions for this WordPress plugin:

  • Go to the wp-admin/ section of your website
  • Select the Plugins menu item
  • Select the Add New sub-menu item
  • In the Search box, enter “Instant Breadcrumbs”
  • Click the Search Plugins button
  • Click the Install Now link for “Instant Breadcrumbs”
  • Click the Activate Plugin link

This is all you have to do. Now your Instant Breadcrumbs plugin is enabled and no further modifications are required for it’s functionality. Here are couple of screenshots showing how the Instant Breadcrumbs trail is displayed on the default WordPress themes:






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