Today we would like to share another great plugin for wordpress with you. The plugin is called “Locations”. As you can guess from its name, it is a simple-to-use plugin for adding Locations with Maps to your WordPress Theme using a shortcode.

The plugin is quite useful and you can easily display your address (or some other address) on your blog/post with a nice and easy to use map. Users will see your location information formatted in an easy to use layout. It provides links for Directions – which will start from your current location on location-enabled devices – sending an email, or contacting you via phone. Locations includes the option to display a Google Map pinpointed on your current location, too!

If you have multiple locations the plugin allows you to output as many locations, each with their own map, on any page as you want. You can also use one shortcode to list them all.

screenshot-3 (1)

The plugin can be downloaded from here. The installation is performed in a standard way and the management of the plugin is quite straightforward. Adding a new location is easy! There are 3 ways to start adding  locations:

1. Click on “+ New” -> Location, from the Admin Bar _or_
2. Click on “Add New Location” from the Menu Bar in the WordPress Admin _or_
3. Click on “Add New Location” from the top of the list of Locations, if you’re viewing them all.

screenshot-2 (1)


screenshot-1 (1)

To Output a List of Locations, simply use the shortcode. You can see the shortcode from your admin area -.Location. For example the code may look like this:

[locations id=17]

You can copy and paste it anywhere on your website.

You can read more about the plugin and its configuration from here:


As always if you are a TMDHosting customer, you can request free plugin installation from our Genius Support Team!