Continuing our Emerging WordPress Plugins rubric, today we would like to bring to your attention the ORBTR Ping plugin. The plugin helps you track your leads and notifies you by email when a lead returns. Here are some of the main benefits that the plugin provides:

  • Tracking for all site visitors and leads
  • Real-time email alerts for new and returning leads
  • A daily email summary of lead traffic
  • A real-time dashboard telling you who is using your website right now
  • Integration with Gravity Forms, Jetpack Forms and WordPress Comments for lead identification
  • Ability to track leads who click from email campaigns


It is important  for every business owner to know how his leads use their website and what brought their attention. ORBTR Ping helps you do exactly that, by tracking the behavior  of individual leads and notifying you by email when a lead returns. And all of this happens in real time!

But why is this information so important? When you have a well built website, bringing visitors from different social networking websites, mail campaigns or paid traffic sources you would want to know, which one of those worked best and generated most of your visits.  As mr. Brad Campbell (well known marketing expert) says :

“By knowing the precise source for each lead generated, you’ll have undeniable, hard data you can use to optimize and scale your traffic with. ”

It is worthless to say that this information can save you tons of money by seeing which one of your marketing efforts work and which don’t. Just a simple example so you can follow up with my thought:

Imagine you have spent $100 for a side banner to redirect users to your website, but actually your site visitors come from links within the blog article on which the same banner is placed. You will definitely want to rethink the whole banners idea and spent your money for another type of advertising.

Of course this was just a simple example to show why the information generated by the ORBTR Ping plugin is so important. To get started with the plugin:

1. Download the WordPress Plugin to your desktop using this link: this link: http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/orbtr-ping.zip (It’s a zip file)
2. In the WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New. Click ‘Upload’ in the top menu.
3. Hit the Browse button, then navigate to and select the Ping zip file.
4. Click Activate Plugin to activate it.
5. Enter your API key and account ID.

Note that you will need to register on ORBTR website to get your API Key and account ID required to track your site. You can see a sample configuration below:


And here is a sample of the ORBTR Ping’s Dashboard:

ORBTR Ping Dashboard


We highly encourage you to give that plugin a try and support its developer! If you need any assistance with the setup of this plugin, you can always count on TMDHosting Genius Support Team