Hello everyone! Those emerging plugins for WordPress just do not have an end. Today we are going to say some words about a plugin which can really help you, when you are writing your posts. The name of the plugin is “PrettyPress”.

First let me tell you that the plugin is developed by guys from the MIT, which must give some reliability to the plugin. However for those which do not think that all of the MIT disciples are knowing what there are doing, we are going to write this review.

PrettyPress is providing you with the functionality to live preview the changes which you are making to your posts. When you are typing a change there is a window which is showing how exactly that post will look at your website. Really simple and handy if you ask me. Just imagine no longer to have to click on the preview button, to be redirected to the new tab, to have to close that tab.

That simple plugin just helps you rid of all of those unnecessary actions. Is not that just perfect for all of us which do not like to make unnecessary efforts? The answer is simple – Yes it is!

By now I am sure that all of you are thinking “From where I can download that plugin”. Do not worry I will give you a link at the end of the review. Still we have set a lot about the functionality, but what about how to setup the plugin? You know that is the other thing which is great in the plugin, it is so simple to setup that is just freaking awesome. Download, install, activate and you are ready to go.  Once the plugin is activated the PrettyPress button will be enabled, when you are editing your posts.

I think that now is the time for the plugin to speak for itself, just have a look at how easy it is to edit your posts with the plugin:



In conclusion: If you want to do the things faster and with less effort the PrettyPress plugin is the right choice for you. We can guarantee you that you will stay satisfied from the plugin and we can say only great stuff for the MIT guys. So do not be shy and give a try to the plugin. You can download it from here.