Rio Video Gallery

For all of you video lovers out there we would like to introduce the “Rio Video Gallery” plugin – arguably the most convenient way to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion. Saying that, WordPress already has a built-in YouTube embedder and you could probably ask why would you need yet another plugin to manage those, aren’t the ones you already have installed enough?

Well, to put it in simple terms you would be adding a whole new layer of functionality to your website, especially if it is video-based. What the Rio Video Gallery plugin allows you to do is add videos independently from your day-to-day blog posts , allowing for easier and better organization of all video material. You could easily create a collection of topical materials and embed all of the videos with a single shortcode. Here is a quick example of its capabilities:

Rio Media Gallery example

When it comes to the shortcodes you have two choices – embed all videos from a given category (you had created previously) or embed all videos you have added (all categories). But to be honest, the former would supply almost all of the functionality you would ever need.

Some example uses for this plugin would be adding video lectures to a course page, a band page with some of their songs for display, a list of the 10 funniest clips for a given month, and so on, and so on – the list is endless.

So here’s a brief introduction to how it works:


  • Think of a list of videos you would like to add to some page or blog post
  • Go to “Video Gallery” > “Add New” in your WordPress’ back-end
  • Find the first video you would like to add on YouTube/Vimeo/Daily Motion
  • Notice the URL in your web browser’s address bar, for example “”.
  • The “Video ID” for this video is “v2AC41dglnM”
  • Insert that into the appropriate field
  • Select the “Video Provider” (in my case that’s Youtube)
  • Fill out the rest of the page as you see fit
  • Rinse and repeat for each video you would like to add to a collection

In order to get the shortcode for any category, simply navigate to “Video Gallery” > Settings, you will be able to generate any category shortcode from there.

The fastest and easiest way to download and install this is:

  • Navigate to your WordPress’ administration area
  • Go to the Plugins > “Add New” menu
  • Search for “Rio Video Gallery “
  • Click on “Install Now” underneath the first result
  • That’s it!