The S3Bubble WordPress plug-in is another featured plug-in from our Emerging WP Plug-ins list. It will offer you simple and secured media streaming from the Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) to your WordPress website in just three easy steps!

The Amazon Simple Storage Service offers you a simple web interface through which you can store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web. If you have a WordPress based media website for sharing video and audio content it is an ideal solution to host your media remotely. Also, with the help of the S3Bubble plug-in you can easily add that media content to your website or blog and stream it remotely, without taking any space, resources or bandwidth from your hosting account.

Why to choose this plug-in?

You can easily embed media with a simple click and stream it to any device. The plug-in will handle the rest, it will automatically generate thumbnails and encode the audio. Also, you can have secured online media streaming. This is a good way of monetization because you can combine a membership paywall with the streamed content.

Last but not least all media is stored on a remote server and you will save a lot of resources on your hosting account, because you will not need to upload and convert audio and video or worry about the bandwidth usage of your account.

Features of the S3Bubble WordPress Plug-in:

  • HTML 5 Player
  • Supports all major browsers
  • Responsive player with options and playlists
  • Download options
  • Shortcodes
  • Support forum

How to use the plug-in?

First you will have to download it from here and install it to your WordPress website. We have prepared a great tutorial to show you how to install a plug-in to your website and you can review it here.

After the activation you will have to link your active Amazon S3 account with the S3Bubble plug-in via its settings. Now you will be able to add media content via the S3Bubble Admin Tools and easily embed those files to the player shown on your website. Now you can enjoy the media content without worrying about any resources taken from your hosting account.