Hello everyone! Today we are going to fill you in about another emerging plugin for  wordpress. The plugin which we are going to discuss today is “Shopp”. With the help of this plugin you can easily create an online shop with wordpress.

The main trades of the plugin are the following:

1. Easy to setup

2. Highly modifiable

3. Secured.

4. Performance oriented.

After you have installed the plugin, you will see that all of the above is true. So now lets look behind the curtains of the plugin, a.k.a at the back end.  The back end of the plugin is providing you with the options to:

1. Manage your orders.

2. Manage your customers.

3. Detailed reports about your sales, taxes and etc.

4. Basic configuration about your shop as shop info, location and etc.

5. Advanced configuration for your shop as payment methods, shipping , taxes and etc.

As you can see from the above “Shopp” is really a perfect e-commerce solution for your wordpress application. Even the plugin is providing you with set of API functions with which you can customize your e-commerce experience even more. However those API functions are just an extra which is sweeting the deal, because even without them the plugin is powerful enough to satisfy your needs.

In conclusion:  “Shopp” is indeed a plugin which is simplifying the process of creating an online shop. Just by filling a few fields and enabling the desired features of the plugin, you are ready to go. So for sure we can tell you that “Shopp” is so well made that you will fall in love with it from first site.

So for all of you, who decided to test the plugin, just download it from here and see that I did not say so much superlatives for  nothing.