We have already started our new articles category called WordPress Emerging Plugins. Today we will present you one plugin with which you can improve immensely the experience of your website visitors.

The plugin which we are glad to present to you is called SiteApps. What it does is to connect your WordPress website with the platform and makes it extremely easy to add new features. Here are some of the features you can take advantage of:

– Social Medial Widgets and features
– Design elements as Widgets, website background etc.
– Add new tracking tools as Google Analytics with just a few clicks


It combines javascript applications, user segmentation features and site data analysis with which you can improve your site and get better results. For more information you click HERE.

The installation of the plugin is quite straightforward:

1. Download the plugin file HERE.
2. Upload the plugin file to your WordPress Administration -> Plugins -> Add New
3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
4. Configure the plugin by going to the SiteApps menu that appears in your settings menu
5. Register your SiteApps ID.
6. When the registration of your SiteApps Id properly, you will can configure your widgets to show or hide using your SiteApps User Segments

You can now take advantage of the marketplace for free and paid website applications of

SiteApps WordPress plugin simplifies the development process of adding special features to your website. Some of it’s most powerful features is to the way it analyze, segment, and target your website visitors providing you with simplified stats and recomendations.