Looking to further customize your wordpress theme in an easy manner without spending too much time and energy? Well this plugin is definitely for you. It is the most easy to use WordPress option framework. Titan Framework allows theme and plugin developers to create a admin pages, options, meta boxes, and theme customize options with just a few simple lines of code. The goal of the plugin is to be easily used by everyone. It aims to be plug and play – just activate your plugin and start creating your options. If you would like to test the plugin before downloading and installing it, you can check the live demo from here.

How does it work?

Titan Framework contains PHP classes and functions that are made available to your theme or plugin when it is activated in a WordPress site. Your theme or plugin on the other hand contains code that call these classes and functions in order to create your options. That’s it! The plugins is free and it can be downloaded and updated freely by everyone.




  • Makes development unbelievably easy
  • Built with optimization in mind
  • Does NOT clutter the database
  • Integrates with your project seamlessly
  • Theme customizer live preview integration
  • Supports child themes
  • Automatic CSS generation with SCSS support
  • Full font style fields

Easy creation of:

  • Admin menus and submenus
  • Admin pages
  • Admin options and tabs
  • Meta boxes and options
  • Theme customizer sections and options
  • Shortcodes with TinyMCE and Visual Composer auto-integration (Shortcode Extension)


If you like this plugin and you would like to try it, we would recommend you to first read the guide here. Some other useful links which you may check before starting with the plugin are: