For today we have another great WordPress plugin which we would like to share with you.  It is called TT Post viewer. This plugin allows you to display posts in different ways. For example you can pick and display Most popular posts, Most commented posts, Related Posts, Featured Posts, Posts by author, Posts by category and Posts by date. We have tested the plugin and the management is quite easy and straightforward. The plugin can be installed in a standard way.




After the installation you can manage it from the admin area -> Settings -> Post viewer options. The posts can be displayed in a List format or as thumbnails, from the general area you can set the size of the thumbnails. From the other areas you can select the number of post to be displayed, the way the post will be displayed and enable the widget.


As soon as the widget is enabled you can add it in different sidebars on your website. This can be done from the admin area -> Appearance -> Widgets. The plugin is checked on different popular themes and it works fine in most themes. In some themes you may need to tweak style sheet to make it look better. Few more features will be added in the future versions.

You can find more information and download the plugin from here

As always if you are a TMDHosting customer, you can request free plugin installation from our Genius Support Team!