As we continue to show you more new and emerging WordPress plugins, today I am pleased to meet you with one of the greatest (in my opinion) plugins Twine Social. What is so incredible about this plugin is that it allows you to display contents from your social media acocunts directly on your website. All data is presented in a beautiful and well structured way:




To use this plugin you will need to install it as every standard WordPress plugin and then signup for a TwineSocial account here. Once you have your TwineSocial account ID , insert in your WordPress -> Settings -> TwineSocial Settings and you are ready  to go! Customize your pages with different number of columns,  infinity scroll and others:





With TwineSocial you can insert data from most famous social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Pinterest and many more.

This plugin provides a very easy and beautiful way to update contents on your website, by only updating one of your social media accounts, which we believe can save you lots of time in rearranging and submitting the same content in multiple places.

We highly recommend you giving this plugin a chance! As always, if you are a TMDHosting customer, you can always request free installation of a WordPress plugin by our Genius Support Team.