Creating your very own knowledge base has never been easier. By integrating the UserDeck software in your WordPress website you can easily write and manage your own knowledge base in a fast and beautiful manner.  All you need to do is download the UserDeck plugin and install on your website as a regular plugin. Next thing to do is login to your UserDeck account or signup for a new one for free. Now you can start creating your knowledge base articles. To easily manage the content of your KB, you can separate it in different collections:


Within each collection, you can create categories, which will also help you manage your contents. Once you have created new collection and category you can start adding your articles:


You are now ready to embed your articles in your website. Simply navigate to your WordPress dashboard -> Settings -> UserDeck. From there you have three options:

1) Automatically create new page with the embed code in it. In this option you may set the title of the page and click the “Create Page” button to complete the action.

2) “Add to page” option allows you to add the articles to an existing page on your site. Simple as that.

3) “Copy Shortcode” – use this option if you wish to manually add the articles in a specific position on a page of your website.



I hope you enjoyed the plugin!