Hello folks! I know that you already know about what we are going to talk about today, so I am just going to skip to the chase. The name of the plugin is “WordPress File Upload” and that plugin is providing you with the functionality to place an “upload form” in your pages and posts.

The upload form can be used by your users to upload files to your website, Logically! The main trades of the plugin are the following:

1. The plugin is not using Flash! The plugin is based on HTML5 and AJAX, so even users from mobile devices will be able to upload files to your website.

2. The plugin is highly modifiable.

3. The plugin comes with a File manager. You can create, delete and rename folders directly via the interface.

4. The plugin is supporting Email notification! With that feature, you always will know when someone has uploaded a file to your website.

5. The plugin is providing with URL redirection after upload and many more. You can read the full change log of the plugin from here.

I am sure that highly modifiable really caught your mind, so now I going to specify what exactly can be modified. You can modify the following things:

1. Placement of the upload form.

2. You can modify the different upload status messages and labels, like error messages, warning , successful upload and etc.

3. You can change the colour of the different messages.

4. You can change the margins of the upload form.

5. You can added additional fields.

I think that the above is enough for you to modify your upload form to look the way you want to. Now is the time to say how to install the plugin, just do the following:

1. Download the plugin from here.

2. Upload the plugin via your Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New.

3. Activate the plugin.

4. Use the following code to place the upload form in your posts and pages:


5. To modify the plugin, access your Dashboard -> Settings -> WordPress File Upload -> Shortcode Composer.

So simple to install and use. If that is not a plugin which is created with thought. I think by now you are all wondering, how looks the upload form exactly. So, lets have a look:


 In conclusion: Plugin created with thought! That are the words which are circling in my head since I started writing this review. It was so simple to add the upload form to the desired pages and posts, that I still can believe is true. So folks, for all of you which want to provide the option to your users for uploading files. That plugin is the right choice.