Hello guys, today we would like to show you another impressive plugin that we have stumbled to. It’ s called WP Bootstrap Gallery and as the name states it is used to add galleries to your website. What makes it different is that it is very lightweight  and it helps you create new galleries in a fast and easy manner.  Here are some of the key feature that this plugin has:

  • Fully responsive image gallery with gesture support for mobile devices.
  • Easy to use admin interface.
  • Bulk upload feature.
  • Functionality to create gallery out of all the attachments available on your site.
  • Easy to add gallery to any post,page or even custom post types just by putting the shortcode on the content editor.
  • Select between title/file name/alt text/caption to use as the caption for the images.
  • Easily switch between WordPress thumbnail generator and Timthumb.
  • Specify custom image sizes for Timthumb images.
  • Option to switch between full screen gallery and normal gallery.
  • Option to have border less and bordered gallery. Gallery settings to switch default functionality.
  • Drag and Drop interface to easily order the images in a gallery.

The usage actually is pretty simple and I had plenty of fun creating a gallery with it. All you need to do is login the WordPress admin area, add your gallery and upload your images. Save the gallery and the plugin will provide you with the shortcode required to add the gallery to your post. Pretty simple isn’t it?

You can see the gallery creation page here:


Of course it also comes with some customizable options as well:




If you are looking to create a nice and easy to use gallery on your website we highly encourage you to give this plugin a try!

As always, if you are a TMDHosting customer, you can request free plugin installation from our Genius Technical Support team!