Are you tired of getting your blog content embedded in other websites? You would like to prevent that in a simple and easy way? Then the following plugin is just for you. The plugin can be checked and downloaded from here. It is called “WP noFrame/noClickjacking.

WP noFrame/noClickjacking is a simple and effective frame breaking plugin that protects your site content from being embedded into other sites – effectively defending you against clickjacking attacks. This lightweight plugin will add the Header always append X-Frame-Options DENY instruction to your .htaccess file – where the DENY rule will prevent ALL domains from framing your content.

Some advanced user would say that this can be easily done with simple javascript, but for not experienced users this plugin will come in handy. Furthermore the end user can disable his javascript. The plugin can also be used on Nginx based web server (not only Apache). You can also confirm and verify that this plugin is working by using some tool with which you can check the response headers, for example this tool. You should make sure that the following module are enabled on web server:



The plugin options are:

  • DENY: This option means the page can never be framed by any page, including a page with the same origin.
  • SAMEORIGIN: This option means the page can be framed, but only by another page with the same origin.
  • ALLOW-FROm uri: This option means the page can be framed, but only by the specified origin. The uri is replaced with the allowed specified origin.


The plugin can be installed in the ordinary way and if you experience any issues, you can always open a support ticket and ask our genius support team for assistance.