There are hundreds of YouTube WordPress plugins available for download from the official WordPress plugin repository. However the most of them have the same functionality. They either allow you to embed videos to your website or have some other useful feature as custom video frame styles, setting video quality etc.

The plugin in question in the todays article is called “YouTube Plus” and it offers totally different functionality. With it you can upload videos to your YouTube account directly from your WordPress website. Yes with this plugin you can upload new videos to YouTube, you can browse your YouTube recent videos, and to keep up with your subscriptions.

YouTube Plus


Here are the installation instructions for this WordPress plugin:

  • Go to the wp-admin/ section of your website
  • Select the Plugins menu item
  • Select the Add New sub-menu item
  • In the Search box, enter “YouTube Plus”
  • Click the Search Plugins button
  • Click the Install Now link for “YouTube Plus”
  • Click the Activate Plugin link

Why would you need such a plugin? In case your website is closely connected with your YouTube videos this is the best way to manage it from one and the same place. With this plugin the upload and management of new videos is flawless and easy. You have easy access to your 25 latest uploads and you can embed any of them with just a few clicks without leaving your website. There are additional statistics of how many views and likes you’ve received etc.

YouTube Plus


Actually this is one of the strongest features of this plugin. With it you can browse the various statistics available in your personal YouTube analytic account. The statistics are displayed with very nice interactive world map showing detailed statistic on how many views are coming from which country and other important information.

YouTube Plus

This plugin is very well documented and most importantly it is FREE. So there are no reasons why you might want to miss all those helpful features.

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