In this article we would like to present you one of the greatest open source projects today — WordPress MU and BuddyPress . WordPress and its logo are one of the most recognizable symbols on the open source market as popular as names such as Joomla, Mambo, Moodle, osCommerce and etc. Alike the others, WordPress has formed an extremely large community and has never stopped to evolve.

Today WordPress is one of the most commonly used blog platform world wide. Still, the great development team of WordPress did not stop with the creation of the best blog application. Another branch of WordPress is the powerful blog network application based on code of its predecessor the multi-user version. WordPress MU extends the functionality of WordPress to a whole new level providing you with the ability to create literary unlimited number of blogs. Additionally, your visitors may register and sign up for their own WordPress blog which will be created automatically without any actions required on your end.

Using the WordPress MU you can create your own blog network where your visitors can register and create their own stand alone WordPress blogs without any actions performed by the webmaster. Unfortunately, most hosting companies do not support wildcards (required both by WordPress MU and BuddyPress) due to some configuration settings that should be applied both in the DNS and Apache virtual host. Still, in a properly configured hosting enviropment this can be easily achieved and these requirements can be met without any additional charges.

After the WordPress MU the development team has released a new set of plugins and themes that extended the WordPress MU functionality even further. By releasing the BuddyPress pack, WordPress stepped into the social network field with almost unmet functionality and features. BuddyPress is a set of WordPress plugins and themes which extend the multi user version of WordPress with many social network features such as extended user profiles, private messaging, friends lists and groups as well as user wall (wire). BuddyPress contains all the features you would expect from WordPress but emphasize on the members social interaction.

If you would like to take advantage of these great applications and create your own blog or social network using the WordPress MU and BuddyPress platform with wildcards support you may review our WordPress MU and BuddyPress hosting packages.

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You may also review our great knowledge base and tutorials:

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  • Haroun Kola

    Thanks for this.
    I’m looking to create multiple Buddypress sites for clients I’m going to get, looking for a good web-host and I’m glad to find you.

    Now, I just need to cancel my other hosting package and then sign up with you :)

    Or the most appropriate company.


  • TMDhosting

    Hello Haroun,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    With our reseller hosting plan, you will be able to multiply BuddyPress sites with full wildcard support just in a few minutes.

    If you would like to have any websites transferred from your previous host, we will be more than glad to assist you in the process. Our technical support provides free website transfer service.

    If your websites are constantly growing you can always consider a dedicated hosting solutions such as a Dedicated server. The transfer of your websites from our Reseller hosting plan to your dedicated server will be performed in a timely manner by our technical support team free of charge.

    We provide free application installation for WordPress, WordPress MU and BuddyPress.

    If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat.

    Kind Regards,

    TMDHosting Team

  • Carl Podlesny

    Has anyone used these tools to develop a high school reunion site?


  • Veronica Spencer

    Dear Carl Podlesny,

    Thank you for your interest in TMDHosting services!

    My name is Veronica Spencer from TMDHosting Sales Team. I am writing in
    regards to your request on our blog page.As your e-mail seems to be incorrect one, I am replying here.
    Concerning your question I am glad to say that using WordPress MU and BuddyPress is the most suitable
    solution that you can consider when you are about to start a high school
    reunion project. Using our package you will be able also to take
    advantage of “Facebook connect” plugin that will allow facebook users
    automatically to create profiles on your webpage.

    There is also extended profile feature that allows site admins to create
    specific profile fields for site registration form – for instance:
    (school; city; graduation date etc) The type of field can be set (such
    as text box, date selector, radio buttons etc) and profile fields can
    then be grouped.For each new profile field group created by the site
    admin, a new sub tab is added to each members administration area.

    Another great feature is private messaging- works like internal site
    email. Members can message people on their friends list as well as
    forward and reply to received messages.Each member will have their own
    individual Inbox, Sentbox, and Drafts folder. They will be notified of
    new messages by a new message count as well as email notifications if
    enabled and much more.

    You will be able also to fully take advantage of the following features:
    friends- accepting the friendship request option; Groups- gathering of
    members, wires posts and forum topics; The wire – place where friends
    and other members can come along and post messages to a specific piece
    of content ; Activity streams-aggregate all of your activity across a
    BuddyPress installation.; Blog Tracking-Allowing multiple blogs and
    multiple users per blog ;forums and more…

    We are glad to offer you our feature – rich BuddyPress hosting package
    with BuddyPress expertized 24/7 support team and lots of free
    BuddyPress resources.
    Our clients prefer to use our hosting services because we provide
    /Wildcard support for subdomains/ which means that when someone signs up
    he automatically gets* *_/ Moreover, new blogs can be
    automatically created on subdomains but not like: /
    (our techs will set up that for you for free upon request).

    As a part of the BuddyPress hosting plan we provide free template
    installation and you are welcome to choose the desired Buddy template
    from our partners at: /_http://www.buddydress.com_/

    In brief our BuddyPress hosting pack includes:

    BuddyPress – optimized servers with fast upload speed for your website
    FREE installation of BuddyPress
    FREE Wilcard Support for subdomains
    FREE WordPress MU Installation
    FREE comprehensive step-by-step BuddyPress tutorial
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    Here are some sample BuddyPress websites of our customers that we host now:

    Should you have any further inquiries on our services, please contact us
    back at anytime. We are 24/7 and will gladly assist you!

    We look forward to having you as our happy customer soon!

    Kind regards,

    *Veronica Spencer*
    TMDHosting Sales Team

  • Brent Norris

    My experience over the last year as a WordPress hosting customer will be revealed on Monday.

    Ooh, the excitement builds!