Hello everyone! Today we are going to start a new article category in our blog, which we will dedicate to emerging plugins. We classify plugins, which are not yet so popular, but we see huge potential in them, as emerging. Today we will talk  about one new plugin for WordPress, which is trying to make a name of itself – Zencoder Video. You can download the plugin here.

Still before to download and install the plugin, let me tell you something more about the basic functionality of the plugin. The Zencoder Video plugin provides you with the functionality to upload and convert videos to your WordPress website. When the video is uploaded you are able to embedded the video to any post you like, and the video is playable via HTML5 video tags – no Flash needed.

Also let me point to you that those videos which you upload via the mentioned plugin will be playable even on mobile devices which do not have flash player. The videos will be playable on mobile devices without flash player because the html5 code of the browser will interpreted them.

So lets say some words about how you can configure the plugin. Actually the configuration process is really simple, after you have installed the plugin, just access:

Settings -> Zencoder Video Options

where you will fill a couple of fields and you are done. Still if you are a newbie to wordpress, the plugins is providing you with detailed examples what kind of information you need to fill in each box.

At the end lets have a look at how exactly is looking the back end and the front end of the plugin:

Back end:


Embedded in a post:


In conclusion – Zencoder Video already has all the indications of a key player in the Video Plugins game, so if you are looking to add some motion to your WordPress powered website, this might be your choice – it is worth giving a try, at least.